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Gavin Moffat has spent 20 years advising organisations of all shapes and sizes on how to build their business, plan their growth, and communicate with their audiences. In that time, he has written extensively about issues affecting entrepreneurs, managers and pretty much everyone that is part of building a successful business. Gavin is also a SCUBA and technical diver – a sport in which knowing and sticking to the rules is more of a matter of life and death than just about any other sport. He’s also a parent – and has leaned lessons from his three young adults that simply aren’t in any rulebook!

In this book – ‘Swimming With Sharks – Simple Business Guidelines for a Complex World’, Gavin unpacks the journey of building a business and keeping it alive, and themes his insights along the rigorous requirements of SCUBA and technical diving.

Gavin’s style is to-the-point, irreverent, and frequently funny. This is a conversation with a friend who asks questions that may make you squirm a little or maybe even wriggle in discomfort. But they’re questions that will make you think – and change the way you think too. It’s an engaging chat with a mate over a coffee that will inspire ‘a-ha’ moments that will make it more fun to be at work – or maybe even make it possible for your business to survive the turbulent economic seas that seem synonymous with building a business in the 21st century.


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Gavin Moffat is a speaker, writer, author, common sense evangelist and an accidental specialist in the field of marketing and communication strategy. As the co-founder and pothole spotter of join.the.dots, he teaches game-changing techniques for busting through “it’s complicated”, cultivating clear thinking, and boosting common sense.

He leads workshops and trainings that bring clarity to individuals, teams and workplaces. His focus is on creating real-world results in which teams cut through the clutter and meaningful productivity skyrockets. Through speaking, writing, training, consulting and coaching, he shares tools, thinking techniques and questions that challenge the accepted norms and lead to “aha” moments that translate into clarity, new skills and shifts in people’s productive and effective work lives.

He talks with passion and energy on a wide range of topics including strategic marketing and communication, media training, crisis communication, business strategy and change, integrity and brand authenticity and the parallels between technical diving and the parry and thrust of the world of business.

Gavin is a TEDx speaker (2013) and panel-participant (2016), an avid SCUBA diver, not-so-active technical diver, lapsed microlight pilot, composer of electronic music, father of three, and author of the book “Swimming with Sharks – Simple business guidelines for a complex world” being published in November 2018. Together with his wife and business Ingrid, Gavin spearheads co-gender connection programs in the corporate and personal development spaces under the Hers&His banner.

Swimming with Sharks Gavin Moffat

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“I always tell people that the best lessons I get for running my business happen when I'm not actually running it, but rather when I'm busy with other things I'm passionate about. Gavin takes this to a whole new level. Swimming With Sharks is a series of learnings wrapped up in a very powerful analogy - his love for SCUBA. The author's passion is clear, and the lesson come through fast and hard. This is one of those rare books that you need to read with a highlighter in hand. I started reading, and hardly came up for air.”

Rich MulhollandA motorbike riding, board game playing, punk rocking, kung-fu fighting, kettlebell swinging, business running, microphone abusing inked-ellectual gentleman

“It is not often that you find a single book that covers so many topics and yet get to the essence of each. Gavin Moffat has created a book full of nuggets, gems that provide you with with insight in business and self. His years of work with countless companies has guided his thought process and brought the realisation that we make things too complicated. His job, to make business human. Great read.”

Michael JordaanFormer CEO FNB, venture capitalist.

“Gavin offers practical insights with a constant focus on the human element of business - a critical element that is easily neglected. And he achieves a rare combination: a useful book that is also enjoyable. A great addition to any management bookshelf.”

Arthur GoldstuckFounder of World Wide Worx, award-winning journalist and author, and media commentator on technology trends

“Swimming with Sharks” is a thoughtful book. Not only is it filled with Gavin’s reflective thoughts on business in today’s ever-changing world but it also prods and pokes the reader to re-think their purpose and standpoints in business and life. This book is filled with valuable information and insights that you will dip into time and time again. Gavin’s witty style and unwavering opinions will keep you engaged from beginning to end.”

Niki SeberiniMind Freedom Fighter, Facilitator, Speaker, Talk Show Host

“Swimming With Sharks" is a common sense tour de force of the world of business. You may or may not agree with the plethora of views, suggestions and perspectives that Gavin shares, but there is no denying that they make you think and look at the way you run and approach your business. Just for this Gavin has achieved something that truly adds value. The chapters are short and easy to read, interlaced with practical examples from his many years in business, but without coming across as prescriptive, which I really appreciated it. This is a book that will benefit many, but I personally would recommend this to new entrepreneurs and those with ambitions of climbing the corporate ladders as it will give them lots of reference points for helping them with future decisions.”

York ZucchiChief Coffee Drinker. Passionate about democratizing access to markets for SMEs especially in emerging markets. Co-founder of SMEmovement

“There are many books written on entrepreneurship, too many of them based in theory. I like practical books where the lessons learned can be applied in my business and day to day activity. Swimming with Sharks is that type of book, practical and filled with nuggets that can be used by entrepreneurs on their magnificent entrepreneurial journeys.”

Allon RaizChief Excitement Officer (CEO), Raizcorp, For entrepreneurs and all things entrepreneurship. Small business, start-up, SME, WEF, YGL, Enterprise Development, ED, Poverty alleviation

“Gavin's experience as a diver and in business have combined to create a unique set of actionable insights into dealing with the lows and highs of operating in our complex modern world. Heartfelt and refreshing, Swimming With Sharks stands out on the crowded shelf of business books.”

Simon DingleCEO of Inves Capital and author of In Math We Trust

“Rich in remarkable parallels between business and SCUBA diving, the detailed research and interviews makes this an exceptional book on your business bookshelf. It’s an antenna for young and old business owners alike and regardless of your organisations maturity is a tremendous reminder of the reasons you are in business, the new challenges you are most likely facing with tangible solutions and the tactics to keep yourself successful and in-check, on your journey. It’s no overstatement to say that Gavin has done an impeccable job in this book. His enthusiasm, curiosity and professionalism shine through and left me inspired in my company and keen on deep sea diving again! The book is an outstanding investment and will provide many hours of learning from the distillation of the decades of Gavin’s knowledge. It’s concise and readable and always with relevant and actionable items. Go on - make the dive!””

Brent SpilkinSpillly with 3 Ls. A business coach to the creative, digital and tech industries. Author. Angel investor

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